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  • pdf Article in Guardian and Observer.28 July 2019-1
    A modern mania for canal developments is reshaping cities by offering oases of calm in fast-moving town centres. Photograph: John Sturrock
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  • pdf Lapal trust launches £2m appeal to restore historic canal (February 19)
    LAPAL Canal Trust has launched a campaign to raise £2 million for canal restoration in Birmingham’s Selly Oak.
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  • pdf Canal Boat Article - Restoration Lapal Canal - Feb 2019
    Lapal looking up Look closely at the surroundings of a new supermarket just opened on the edge of Birmingham, and you’ll spot sure signs of a new length of canal being built - and of hope for a tricky restoration scheme...
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  • doc Landscaping Plan V4
    The restoration of the canal is an opportunity to have a wild life corridor as part of the development. The aim of the planting is to re-create wildlife habitat, contributing to a corridor leading from the Worcester-Birmingham Canal to Selly Oak Park.
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  • jpg Tunnel Entrance by brickworks
    A photo of the Tunnel Entrance by the Brickworks
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  • jpg Goodman yard
    A photo of Goodman yard
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  • jpg Harborne Lane Bridge 1928 before demolition (1)
    A photo of Harborne lane Bridge in 1928, just before demolition
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  • jpg 1881Weoley park bridge and farm
    A photo of Weoley park bridge and farm in 1881
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  • doc Access Paths
    There are a number of pedestrian routes crossing the Dudley No 2 canal that will need to be preserved and possibly 4 bridges needed to cross the canal. The Somery road bridge remains and needs to be excavated and should be useable. Of the 3 other bridges the bridge at Bottetourt Rd could be fixed and have disabled ramp access, the other two bridges can be lift or swing bridges. Position of bridges 1 and 2 and which side is best for the tow path will need to be determined.
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  • pdf Atkins Selly Oak Design Report R1-0
    This report has been prepared by Atkins in response to a commission from the Lapal Canal Trust (the Trust) to supply outline design services for the proposed restoration of the Lapal Canal in Selly Oak Park.
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  • pdf Feasibility report ISSUE 004 070720
    (Final Report) Feasibility Study for the Restoration of the Dudley No.2 Canal (The Lapal Canal)
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  • pdf West with Tunnel
    A photo of the West with Tunnel
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  • pdf East with Tunnel
    A photo of the East with Tunnel
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  • pdf West Woodgate Valley
    A map detailing the West Woodgate Valley
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  • pdf East Woodgate Valley
    A map detailing the East Woodgate Valley
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  • pdf West Alternative routes
    A map showing the western alternative canal route
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  • pdf Ecological Constraints
    A map detailing the Ecological Constraints of the project
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