Virtual Tour of the Lapal Canal project

Click here or on the screenshot below to open it in a new window:
Screenshot of the Lapal Canal Virtual Tour by Harald Joergens Photography
Copyright © 2015 Harald Joergens Photography

The virtual tour has been created for the Lapal Canal Project by Harald Joergens Photography, a business specialised in interactive panoramas and virtual tours, some of them related to the UK waterways, like the Birmingham Canals Virtual Tour, and a tour of historic narrow boat Swallow at the Black Country Living Museum.

The above virtual tour ends with a view “Near Hawne Basin”. Here is an interactive panorama of Hawne Basin, created in 2014 for the Coombeswood Canal Trust:

Screenshot of a Hawne Basin Interactive Panorama by Harald Joergens PhotographyCopyright © 2014 Harald Joergens Photography